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Prescription for Excellence:
How Innovation is Saving Canada’s Health Care System

The right shrieks, “privatization!” The left pleads, “medicare is underfunded!” And all Canadians wonder: will the health care system be there when we need it? The answer, argues Dr. Michael Rachlis, doesn’t involve privatization or a lot more money. In fact, there are solutions to almost all of medicare’s apparently intractable problems — solutions that lie in encouraging the spread of innovations that already exist.

Prescription for Excellence lays out a plan to eliminate emergency room and hospital overcrowding; maximize our access to doctors through teamwork; and reform our incredibly inefficient waiting system for tests or treatment.

11 October 2005: Download the entire book!

Thanks to all of you for buying the book and visiting my website. The reviews are in and even the National Post says, “It’s pleasing to hear someone offer solutions to problems Canadians want solved, instead of plaintive whining and condemnation.”

The hardcover and the paperback are now sold out! I have decided to make the book available to everyone through this website. Please download a PDF copy of Prescription for Excellence!

Read it! Print it! Copy it! Email it to friends!

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