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It’s the Wild Rose West: My week in Alberta

I got back Saturday (the 17th) after a fun week in Alberta. I spoke to a number of events organized by Alberta Friends of Medicare. There were over 500 people who attended a raucous public meeting at the Polish Hall in Edmonton on Tuesday night. See the coverage in the Edmonton Journal. Kudos to Dave Eggen Friends of Medicare coordinator, Della Drury his campaign worker, economist Diana Gibson, research director at the University of Alberta’s Parkland Institute who also spoke, and dozens of other folks who helped organize the meeting.

Image described by caption.
Dave Eggen, Jan Bunney, and me

On Wednesday morning Dave Eggen and I flew to Calgary but our plane to Medicine Hat was cancelled because of snow so we rented a car and started our southern Alberta road trip. We had a wonderful crowd of 150 that night. Thanks so much to Jan Bunney chair of the Medicine Hat Chapter of Friends. It’s an amazing group of folks. Amongst other things they participate in Medicare Mondays where they go to places like Tim Horton’s and talk to people about health care in their community.

Then it was on to Lethbridge where Michael Cormican and his chapter organized a terrific meeting Thursday night at Southminster Church.

We drove to Calgary on Friday morning where I talked to a meeting of the Health Sciences Association of Alberta.

I will be writing up my analysis of my Alberta trip in the next few days but you can read the op ed I wrote before the trip here. It is quite frightening how quickly Alberta seems to be eroding the public system.

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