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Will Godot arrive before US single Payer? More US health reform

I continue to have a small supportive role in the US health debate. Unfortunately, the US seems incapable of learning the lessons that Canada and other countries have for their health policy debate. In fact, I have written an op-ed titled “What Americans could learn from the Canadian health care system and why you probably won’t” that should be in a major American daily shortly. Stay posted.

July 20, 2009, I was featured in an economics blog written by Ian Austen, the New York Times Canadian reporter. Interestingly the Times Canadian reporter no longer lives in Canada. Check out “Should Canada’s Health System Become More Like America’s?” by Ian Austen.

I was also quoted in a two part series on Canadian health care in the St. Petersburg Times:

July 19, 2009:
“Oh, Canada, where health care for all 33 million is free”

And July 20, 2009:
“Caring for homeless helps Canada hold down health care costs”

In the meantime, if you’re an American, good luck with the daunting task of trying to get even a public option out of the American health policy debate. It looks like a single payer system may never be seriously considered.  If you’re a Canadian, thank your stars we have our Medicare! Enjoy the nice weather while it’s here.

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